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About Paul Sackett

I began my HR career 30 years ago, however I didn’t start in HR. I began my career in sales. With an under graduate degree in Public Relations, I started professionally in Advertising Sales working in both radio and newspaper. This experience allowed me the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of businesses and their challenges.

It was while I was working in foodservice sales that I was asked to attend a sales training program. During the course of the program, I was asked by the company’s Vice President of HR if I’d ever thought about a career in HR. Being 24 years old, and having the sense that I was being asked an important question, I said of course, I’ve always thought about a career in HR. The truth was, I had no idea what HR was or what it did.

My first role in HR was as a recruiter recruiting sales people for that company. In those days, we placed newspaper ads, reviewed stacks and stacks of resumes, attended career fairs and traveled to interview as many as 10 candidates a day in person. I learned I was pretty good at evaluating talent and matching skills with job requirements. Many of the candidates I helped select went on to have very successful careers. I realized I’d found my niche.

As my career advanced, I spent time working for General Electric where I learned the importance of talent management, workforce planning and strategic HR. It was here I really learned the importance of connecting individual employee performance with company goals, employee recognition, continuous engagement, employee development, talent management and succession planning, change management and culture development and transformation.

After my time at GE, I went on to work for other international fortune 50 companies as well as foreign owned companies and in many of those roles I was as part of emerging HR organizations and was called upon to contribute my earlier experiences in the development and implementation of HR programs and processes in those companies.
Although I didn’t start my career path with HR in mind, I’ve discovered my passion for helping others, my business acumen, being a sounding board for business leaders and managers, creating a positive work environment and the variety of opportunities to make a difference, energizes me.

Today, business of all sizes are facing challenges as never before. In no time have there been four distinct generations in the workforce. The great resignation, remote work and economic challenges makes HR a critical part of any company, no matter how big or small and I have seen so many companies without the size of scale or budget to take these challenges head on.

This is why I formed YourHR. No matter how small or large your organization is, establishing an effective and efficient HR function is imperative to modernize your HR strategy and ensure you’re putting your people first. When your employees are engaged and feel appreciated and taken care of at work, you’ll create an unstoppable company culture and a fantastic reputation, which gains you a vital competitive advantage. Your people matter, so it’s time to show them that they do.


About Paul Sackett